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Activities Carried out by the Freedom of Information Coalition

MRA Holds Workshop FOI Act for CSOs


LAGOS, Thursday, January 26, 2012:  A two-day workshop for representatives of civil society organizations in the northern states of Nigeria on how to use the Freedom of Information Act opens in Kaduna today. Organized by Media Rights Agenda (MRA) with support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the United Kingdom through the British High Commission in Abuja, the workshop will bring together participants from among civil society organizations (CSOs), including community based organizations (CBOs), faith-based organizations (FBOs) and other grassroots organizations in the North East, North West and North Central zones of the country. Details .....

Research into Existing Laws Identifies Opportunities for Public Access to Information

Between 2008 and 2010, MRA, working with partner organizations in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone conducted researches into existing laws and regulations in these countries and in Nigeria and identified provisions that give citizens opportunities to access certain information. In another phase of the project, again working with the partners in the same countries, MRA monitored the implementation of these provisions. The reports from these researches were published in four separate reports.  Details .....

FOIC Urges Senate Committee on Information to Expedite Action on the FOI Bill


The Freedom of Information Coalition (FOIC), on   April 10, 2008 wrote to Senator Ayogu Eze the Chairman of Senate Committee on Information and Media and other members of the Committee to express its concern on the situation with the Freedom of Information Bill, which is presently before the Committee and urging the Committee to immediately sign off on this Bill so that it can move on faster on its legislative journey. Details .....

Government Information Officers Seek Empowerment for Effective Implementation of Freedom of Information Law


Government Information Officers at Federal, State and Local Government levels have proposed a range of administrative and institutional reforms in the public service to ensure the effective implementation of the Freedom of Information Bill, when it becomes law.  Details .....


Workshop Asks For Signatures in FOI Advocacy

Participants at a grassroots workshop in Makurdi Benue State, have asked that Nigerians should utilize a national signature campaign to demand for the passage of the Freedom of Information Bill saying that this will demonstrate that every section of Nigeria desires a law that guarantees access to public document.    Details .....

Participants Propose FOI Advocacy Visit to Senators in Cross River

Participants at a One-day workshop on the Freedom of Information Bill for Grassroots Organisations in Calabar, Cross Rivers rose from the workshop with a proposition to embark on three advocacy visits to their representatives in the Senate. It is the participantsí way of showing to the Senators that the bill is very important to communities in the state and that the Senators should ensure that the bill is speedily passed at the Senate.      Details .....

Freedom of Information Goes to School in South East

Participants at a grassroots workshop in Enugu, Enugu State, have said that they will take the concept of Freedom of Information to schools in South Eastern Nigeria as a way of creating greater awareness about the Bill. According to them, students would be a very good sources of enlisting their parents in the campaign.     Details .....

Lagos Business Community Joins Freedom of Information Campaign

Nigerian Actors Pledge Support for FOI Campaign

NTA Kaduna Begins Transmission of FOI Programme

Workshop calls for FOI Centers at Local Government Councils

Workshop Makes Case For the Physically Challenged in FOI Advocacy

Senate Suspends Third Reading of the FOI Bill

Workshop Proposes Translation of FOI Bill into Local Languages

Weekly Debates on FOI Airing on Lagos Television

Click here for the Freedom of Information Bill Originally Sent to the House of Representatives

Click here for the Freedom of Information Bill as passed by the House of Representatives

Freedom of Information Coalition

Click the link below to join the FOIcoalition e-mail forum for debates about access to information in Nigeria

The Freedom of Information Coalition is an alliance of civil society organizations campaigning for the enactment of a Freedom of Information Act in Nigeria. The Secretariat of the Coalition is hosted by Media Rights Agenda. To obtain more information about the Coalition, contact: foi@mediarightsagenda.org

Click here for a list of member organisations of the Coalition

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